Pelican Valley Announces date for Increment In Lands Prices, Pledges Continuous Effort To Serve Better

A foremost real estate company in Nigeria, Pelican Valley Nigeria Limited has announced the increment of the Price of the lands in its Estates and pledged its continuous effort to serve its customers better and deliver premium value with a consistently high return on investment on their investment with it.

The CEO of the firm, Ambassador (Dr.) Babatunde Adeyemo, made this known to the newsmen on Tuesday in a release that entails the public notice to the prospective and potential Customers. 

He disclosed the reasons behind the Increment in the price, adding that the increase will be effective from the 5th of December, 2023.

While announcing the new prices, he noted the current and new prices of the affected Estates.

According to Adeyemo "Due to our projected and ongoing massive capital investments to the tune of over #1B on Basic infrastructures in our Estates and the Client's financial commitment to over 90% of our lands in our Estates, there will be an upward review in the prices of land in our Estates.

He also called on those who are willing to invest in the real estate business to quickly key into it before it is too late for them and disclosed the price of some of the firm's estates at the beginning and how much they are worth now. 

While analysing the benefit of the Pelican Valley Products, he highlighted the social amenities being put in place in all the Estates and the uniqueness of those Estates among others in the South West region of Nigeria.

"You need to invest with someone with a proven track record of integrity and goodwill so that your real estate investment can be secured. Let me shock you, 90% of Nigerians in diaspora who are investing in real estate had actually got their hands burnt, because most of them are unable to reach out to realtors who can secure their investments. And it takes someone with clean bill of health, prudency and great integrity to secure real estate on behalf of any individual. It is very evident in our track record that we have been into this real estate business for almost 14 years now without a single court or police case and when you check our reviews, u will discover that we have 100% positive reviews on all our public platforms. So, it would be a wonderful opportunity for those that are willing to invest and get a high RoI to take full advantage. Take for instance the Pelican Valley Estate which we started selling land there at N800k about eight years ago,today, a plot of land there is N20million to be increased to about #25 million, also Pelican Brief Estate in Kobape, we started selling land at N785k but today, it is N5million per plot, now to be increased to about #7.5 million. I know in the next few years, it will shoot up to about N10million per plot. So, it is good for people to invest now, most especially Nigerians in diaspora, they are really in a vantage position because the exchange rate is favourable to them and they can easily key into the real estate business it will multiply RoI for them. So, it is a good opportunity for them to key in. 

"We are taking the "REAL" products to them in London soon, Gods willing, first of oir Estates is the Pelican Valley Estate, Laderin, where unusual homes happen. Pelican Valley has one of the most beautiful landscapes, most unique ambience and serene environment one cannot find in the whole Southwestern part of Nigeria. It is so natural and you can't see something like it anywhere in the Southwestern part of Nigeria. It took us almost seven years to achieve such scenery ambience and landscape. We introduced it 8 years ago. Its Fully energised with  a 500kv electric transformer, four Fully armed security guards, drainages, two gardeners and all major roads interlocking. 

"Other products are Pelican-Brief Estate, Kobape, where we are igniting a Smart City. Pelican Brief is presently the fastest-growing estate in Ogun State today. We started selling Pelican Brief with a meagre N785k per plot three years ago but today, a plot is N5million.

Presently, we have four armed security guards on site and two gardeners working daily. We have also launched an N1 billion road construction intervention scheme using interlocking stones for our major roads in the first phase of road construction. We also have a 500 Kv transformer, fully energized, stepped down from a 33kv trunkline.  

"Every plot in Pelican Brief has an electricity pole in front of it, with Fully energised serviced wires. It is the only estate that has a "FULL" GOVERNMENT APPROVED LAYOUT in Ogun State for the first three and half years of the present administration in Ogun State. Pelican Brief has so many fully subscribed diasporan clients, which influence the naming of some of our streets after their base, among those names are Ontario Drive, Manitoba Drive and so on..we cannot rule out the possibility of having an AVI drive or London avenue in the nearest future. Pelican Brief presently has over one hundred and fifty building approvals with over fifty ongoing constructions. 

"We've done all our beacon sheets (Ready-made registered surveys for all plots), when you buy our lands and pay in full, you get allocation almost immediately you are ready for development. These are type of products the Diaspora needs. The Estate is less than 15 minutes from the Prof. Wole Soyinka train station, which connects Ogun State to Lagos, Ibadan and in the long-term, all the 36 State capitals in the Nigerian Federation. 

"Another product is Pelican Ecostay apartments. Pelican Ecostay apartments is just one part of Pelican Brief Estate, there we have started building one-bedroom studio apartments, two-bedroom apartments, three-bedroom apartments and three-bedroom duplexes. So, Ecostay apartment is highly unique and everything there is going to be 100% eco-friendly. We have started planting trees there and the tree planting project cost us over N10 million. We want to make it a sightseeing and tourist attraction. We have placed an order for three Camels, donkeys, and peacocks to make the ambience scenery and natural. The building sites and the building is also fully approved by the Ogun state government, with provisions for a purpose-built lounge, gym, mini club, recreation, skid gas station, green areas, open space and hospital. 

"Those are some of the unique advantages of our products, you can call it our unique selling points. We also have Pelican Valley Greenish Acres Farm Estate, which is a by-product of Pelican-Brief Estate and Pelican"s Ecostay Apartments. The idea is to have a place not too far away from the estates where our clients and residents can easily go to get fresh vegetables and farm products, to complement the dreams of Ecostay apartments and make people live naturally and eat natural. We discovered that about 80% of our clients in the diaspora are 55 years old upward and most of them are ready to come back home in retirement and once they got home, they would need something to keep body and soul together. That was why we have the farm estate. It is about 1.5 kilometres away from the Pelican Brief Estate and Pelican'sEcostay Apartments. They can just take a walk up from their houses to their farms, eat fresh vegetables that the body needs and jug back home. It is a way of promoting wellness and healthful living and future. So, those are the products we are planning to introduce to Nigerians in diaspora startedfrom London, this December, Gods willing. Our ranges of products are interwoven, interconnected and interrelated.

He, however, stated that the new rates taking effect from 5th of December  as follows;

1.Pelican Brief:

Current Price - 5,000,000

New Price - 7,500,000 (All inclusive)

2.Pelicans Greenish Acres:

Current Price - 5,000,000

New Price - 6,000,000 (All inclusive)

3.Pelican Valley:

Current Price - 40,000 per SQM

New Price - 50,000 per SQM (All inclusive)

For further inquiries, please call the CEO or the director of Operations: 


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