Ex-Correctional officers seek withdrawal from contributory pension


Some retirees of the Nigerian Correctional Service have expressed their desire to withdraw from the Contributory Pension Scheme.

The former personnel, operating under the banner of Former Correctional Officers, have called on President Bola Tinubu and the National Assembly to expedite the process.

According to them, they have not benefited in any way from the scheme and have therefore decided to opt out. In a statement issued by the National Coordinator of the association, Sanya Abakun, they emphasized that, given the country’s high inflation rate, the Contributory Pension Scheme is no longer viable for them.

Abakun stated, “Monthly pensions of retired controllers and commandants who were previously on Grade Level 15 in the paramilitary average N75,000; Deputy Controllers on Level 14 earn N65,000; Assistant Controllers on Level 13 earn N60,000; Chief Superintendents on Grade Level 12 earn N50,000; and Deputy Superintendents on Level 10 earn N19,000. These amounts are significantly lower than the earnings of their counterparts in the military, the DSS, and the police.”

Abakun maintained that other security agencies in the country, as well as members of the National Assembly’s staff, have long opted out of the scheme due to its numerous flaws.

“We believe that what is good for one group is also suitable for the other because, within the country’s security structure, none of the paramilitary organizations’ roles can be underestimated.”

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