Gaza: First US humanitarian aid flight en route to Egypt – White House confirms


The United States in a collaborative effort with the United Nations (UN) is set to dispatch the first of three aid flights to Gaza, to provide crucial assistance to the conflict-ridden region.

The White House confirmed the imminent arrival of the initial aid flight in North Sinai, Egypt.

A senior official from the Joe Biden administration revealed key details during a press briefing, stating, “Tomorrow, we will have the first of three relief flights that are facilitated by the unique capabilities of the US military that will be arriving in North Sinai in Egypt.”

The aid packages are set to encompass a range of essential items, including medical supplies, food aid, and winter necessities, particularly pertinent as the winter season approaches in Gaza.

The delivery mechanism involves the United Nations, which will ensure that the aid reaches civilians in need within the Gaza enclave.

The official further stated that two more relief flights are anticipated to arrive in Egypt in the coming days.

The Biden administration, according to the official, continues its collaborative efforts with regional partners to explore avenues for increasing the flow of aid to Gaza.

Providing context to the ongoing humanitarian efforts, the official stated that, since October 21, over 2,000 trucks laden with humanitarian aid have crossed the border into Gaza via the Rafah crossing.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which has persisted with heightened intensity since October 7, has resulted in a devastating toll on both sides.

The confirmed casualties include nearly 1,200 people in Israel and almost 15,000 in Gaza and the West Bank, with thousands more sustaining injuries in the Palestinian enclaves

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