Pakistani troops neutralise 8 Islamist insurgents amid increasing hostilities


The Pakistani military says eight Islamist militants were killed in a shootout in the country’s dangerous northwestern border region.

This comes amid an uptick in bloodshed, which Islamabad attributes to militants operating from bases in Afghanistan.

The exchange of fire took place in the district of South Waziristan, a hilly territory near the Afghan border that has long served as a base for Islamist militants affiliated with al-Qaeda.

A military statement on Monday regarding the overnight incident said, “Arms and ammunition were recovered from the militants’ hideout.”

In recent weeks, deadly clashes between the Pakistani army and militants have escalated, with repeated attacks on security personnel.

Pakistan accuses the Afghan Taliban leadership of being too indulgent towards militants who are purportedly hiding in Afghanistan and carrying out cross-border assaults. Kabul disputes the accusation.

Pakistan has expelled hundreds of thousands of unregistered Afghan refugees due to rising tensions between the countries.

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