FMC Jalingo issues warning against job racketeers


The Federal Medical Centre, FMC, Jalingo, has warned the public of fraudulent individuals targeting unsuspecting job seekers.

In an official statement released on Sunday, the hospital’s management clarified that there are no ongoing interview processes and urged the public, especially those seeking employment, to steer clear of individuals falsely claiming to facilitate job opportunities at FMC, Jalingo.

Agev Joseph Terlumun, the head of the hospital’s public relations unit, signed the warning, emphasizing the necessity of alerting the public to the unscrupulous activities of fraudsters who, under the guise of affiliations with the hospital, exploit desperate individuals with promises of non-existent job opportunities.

Highlighting the hospital’s commitment to adhering to the employment procedures mandated by the Federal Government, the statement urged the public to exercise caution when approached by job racketeers.

It emphasized that legitimate employment initiatives would be duly publicized, and the hospital would strictly follow government-approved rules and regulations.

The management further clarified that the entire employment process at FMC is free of charge, and neither the Chief Medical Director, CM, nor any member of the management team would request financial inducements from potential employees.

Concerned about the prevalence of such fraudulent activities, the public was implored in the statement to promptly report any encounters with job racketeers to relevant law enforcement agencies.

The hospital assured the public that it remains committed to upholding the integrity of its employment procedures and urged citizens to be cautious and report any suspicious activities promptly

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