Yuletide: Kaduna residents lament high cost of foodstuff


Residents of Kaduna State and its environs have continued to lament the high cost of foodstuff and its significant effect on them during the yuletide.

They lamented the rise in hunger and poverty even as the yuletide signifies the exchange of love and pleasantries among residents in the state.

A market survey showed that a bag of foreign rice goes for N70,000, while a bag of beans is sold for N65,000.

A bag of locally produced rice costs N50,000, while a bag of millet and maize costs N25,000.

According to Dr. Jeremiah Amos, ” The yuletide period ordinarily supposed to be a season to exchange gifts, foods, and other materials to the loved ones, but with the increase in the cost of foodstuff including clothing materials, it will be difficult for me to satisfy my family, not to talk of giving gifts to those in my immediate environment.”

Mrs. Ruth Jeremiah, who sells foodstuff at the popular Central Market Kaduna, said the rising cost of foodstuff was due to a lack of food supply.

“The price of foodstuffs will continue to rise because there is a scarcity of supply from farmers and middlemen. Again, wholesalers are afraid of going to the bush market to buy in large quantities because of insecurity. Besides, most farmers are afraid to go to their farms for fear of being kidnapped,” she said.

Mr. John Sule, a carpenter said that he had no hope of foodstuffs during Christmas, except God performing miracles.

According to him, all his customers have disappeared for the last six months, as many complained of financial difficulty.

Also, Mrs. Rebecca Joseph said as a widow with six children, she only relied on God, adding that since her husband died four years ago, his family has abandoned her to her fate

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