Direct primaries, best mode for candidates to emerge – Pastor Giwa


The Senior Pastor of Awaiting the Second Coming of Jesus Christ Ministry, Pastor Adewale Giwa, on Tuesday called for the adoption of direct primaries by political parties, stressing that it is the best mode for ensuring the emergence of better candidates.

He emphasised that direct primaries offer a more transparent process for electing leaders as compared to the usual practice of indirect primaries.

The cleric, who disclosed this to newsmen in Akure, Ondo State capital, argued that indirect primaries often lead to outcomes that can be easily influenced and manipulated.

He said the indirect system encouraged a culture where delegates were swayed by monetary inducements, disregarding the character and qualities of the aspirants.

He maintained that the approach fosters godfatherism within the political sphere, ultimately to the detriment of the electorate.

Giwa further stated that when a state relies on a few individuals to handpick its leaders, the potential for genuine development within such a society is severely compromised.

He said: “What we need is a leader that will be truly elected by the people, particularly delegates. Even the delegates are responsible for all that is happening in Nigeria and in Ondo State. They always take money from the highest bidder, even if the person is a very bad person. Ordinarily, you don’t expect such a person to develop the state.

“That is why the direct mode of primary is always the best because the outcome cannot be influenced by the powers that be. You will now understand that most political parties always prefer indirect primary in order to control the delegates.

“The adoption of direct primary by APC in Edo is a huge improvement for the system. Any party that fails to adopt direct primacy is always poised to create problems and confusion.

“Indirect primary will always allow bad and wicked leaders to emerge. Direct primary will go by the opinion of the people. For indirect primary, only a few people will determine its outcome.

“I don’t get the rationale behind the CAN move to say that Aiyedatiwa is doing well. Obviously, the governor is still implementing the policies of his late principal. He has yet to have his own personal policies. It is until then that we can assess him.”

Giwa further stated that “Peradventure, Aiyedatiwa emerges as the governor of Ondo State in November; does he know the problem facing the state? Does he know the needs of the state? Has he toured the 18 local governments across the state to know what they lack and how to put them in place? Is he a grass-roots politician who knows where the shoe pinches?

“If a state is unable to elect its own leader but waits for some people to handpick a leader for them, there cannot be any development in such a society.

“If you allow someone to handpick for you as a state governor, you must rest assured that the person is definitely seeking something in return. If such a person emerges through a godfather, he will always be dancing to the whims and caprices of that person when he gets to power.”

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