Mohbad: I found my son’s corpse locally embalmed, dumped by staircase – Father


Joseph Aloba, the father of the deceased singer, Ilerioluwa Aloba, aka MohBad, has said he found his son’s corpse locally embalmed and dumped by the staircase in his house.

Aloba said he and Mohbad’s aunty also found a cloth soaked with blood when they arrived at the singer’s house.

In a latest statement he signed, he expressed dissatisfaction with the level of investigation done by the police.

He charged the police to intensify the investigation into the mystery surrounding Mohbad’s death.

The statement reads partly: “When I got to my son’s house, I met a very large number of people as if a special event was going on, I didn’t even pay any attention to the crowd I saw in the house. I went straight into his apartment after seeing lots of people in the house, I knew something had happened to me, even as no one told me anything.

“I went straight upstairs to his room where we used to talk as father and son, I saw no one in that room but a duvet-cloth that was stained with much blood, if not God that has never put me to shame, he made Mohbad’s aunt to also see the cloth and she was able to come public and affirm to that horrible scene.

“All these never signify to my mind that my son was no more and while I left the room, my attention was called to where my son, Mohbad, was laid by the staircase lifeless after he had been cleaned up, dressed and embalmed locally blocking his nostrils and ears with heavy cotton wool.”

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