Why gays shouldn’t reveal their sexuality – Blessing CEO


Controversial self-acclaimed relationship expert Blessing Okoro, popularly known as Blessing CEO, has advised gays in Nigeria to hide their sexuality and take it to their graves.

She said it is not advisable for gays to make their sexuality public because of the stereotypical nature of the Nigerian society.

Speaking in the latest episode of her TV show, Moments With Blessing CEO, she said, “If you are a homosexual, hide it, bury it and take it to your grave because the society condemns it.”

The self-styled relationship coach claimed that a lot of “Abuja and Lagos men are homosexual. They called it gay for pay. The gays are not the crossdressers. The gays are the ones that have muscles like gym instructors.”

She further claimed that “some women are still covering their homosexual or bisexual husbands because of the benefits.”

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