Afghanistan floods: Death toll rises to 70, more than 50 injured


Afghanistan’s national disaster authority says the number of flood-related casualties in the past few days has risen as 70 people have been confirmed dead while more than 50 others sustained injuries.

The spokesman for the national disaster authority, Mullah Janan Saeq, revealed this on Wednesday night.

“The death toll from the floods over the past six days has risen to 70 people while another 56 were injured,’’ he said.

Earlier, the official confirmed 33 dead and 27 injured a couple of days ago.

More than 2,500 homes have been destroyed or damaged and more than 2,000 livestock have died over the past week due to rainstorms and flooding.

Major parts of Afghanistan’s 34 provinces have been receiving rains and isolated snowfall since Friday .

The meteorological directorate of the country has predicted more rains over the next four days

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