Hensard University: More Grants Flow In For Pioneer Students


ONE of the partners of Henry Seriake Dickson Foundation, HSDF, has contributed a grant worth millions of Naira to support pioneer students of Hensard University. The Foundation, in a statement, Monday, said the support was for students in the degree programmes as well as those in the University’s Foundation School.

Professor Dileep Kumar, Vice-Chancellor of Hensard University, said the grant will be used for the following fees: Entrepreneurship & Leadership Training N100,000, Research & Innovation Support Fund N100,000, Hensard Philanthropy Fund N50,000, Registration/Acceptance Fee N150,000.

Students are now to pay N200, 000 for their accommodation and N50,000 as medical deposit.

The grant will apply to duly registered students, whether they are in the degree programmes or the University’s Foundation School, he said.

The statement explained that the grant was different from the earlier N100 million that the Foundation made as part payment of tuition fees for all students the Foundation offered scholarships. More grants for students are expected.

Professor Kumar thanked Henry Seriake Dickson Foundation and its partner for the gesture. He urged other organisations to support initiatives aimed at providing more access to international quality and unique education at Hensard University.

“Our students appreciate the support which will also take some of the burden of funding their education off their parents,” he said.

In line with the University’s standards on discipline and focus on preparing its students for leadership, the University has strict guidelines on dress code. Parents and students are advised to contact the Students’ Affairs Office for details on the dress code.

Hensard University, Toru-Orua, the first private university in Bayelsa State, is an all-residential school that prioritises entrepreneurship delivered in its laboratories, fish ponds, poultry and the Film School, where professionals see students through the practicals of ownership and management of enterprises.

The University will formally open on 29 April 2024.

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