I am alive, hale, hearty – Fuji Maestro, General Killington


Renowned Nigerian Fuji Maestro, Kolawole Ayinla, popularly known as General Killington, on Monday denounced rumours of his death.

Reacting to the rumour which went viral on Monday, Ayinla said those behind the rumour should be referred to a psychiatric hospital for proper medical attention.

The veteran musician who asserted that he is alive, hale and hearty said there was no cause for alarm over his state of health.

Killington expressed shock over the death rumour when he had just finished eating cooked beans and fried plantains.

He threatened to sue the purveyors of the rumour mill, saying he had instructed his legal team to set the machinery in motion for the legal action.

“I can tell and confirm to you that I’m alive, hale and hearty. I’m healthy, and nothing is wrong with my state of health to warrant any rumour as to whether I’m alive or not.

“Those people spreading the rumour that I am dead are mad; they should be taken to Aro (Federal Psychiatric Hospital, Abeokuta).

“In fact, I’m surprised to have been told and sent a snap of an online blog that I am dead. And one should ask the writer of that information about his experience in journalism. Is that how they were taught in journalism school?

“Well, my legal team has been informed and would communicate the concerned online blog for appropriate notice of litigation. For me, this is not a good way of gaining popularity.

“I’m in my house. In fact, I just finished eating cooked beans and fried plantains. So, how come I’m eating? To tell you, I’m alive, hale, hearty and healthy”, Killington declared

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