I once tried to copy Beyoncé – Singer, Fireboy

Nigerian singer Fireboy, DML, has revealed that he once attempted to copy American superstar Beyoncé’s performance routine.

He, however, said he could not keep up with copying the multiple-Grammy winner.

Fireboy said he then decided to work on himself and did artist development to improve his stage performance.

Speaking in a recent interview with RollingStone, he said: “Right from time, even when I used to write my saddest songs, I used to imagine myself playing them in front of millions of people. I always imagine myself on stage when I write my songs.

“So taking that energy from the studio to stage is really a piece of cake for me. What matters to me is making sure that I have fun. When I enjoy myself, everyone else enjoyed themselves. Step by step, I learned from the greats, I studied; did artist development stuff like vocal training.

“There was a time I tried to copy Beyonce’s routine. But I didn’t last two days.”

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