Iran threatens to use ‘weapon never used before’ against Israel


A senior member of the Iranian Parliament, Abolfazi Amouei has warned that Iran is ready to use a weapon never used before in the war against Israel.

Amouei said Iran’s response to Israel was legitimate, adding that Iran does not want tension to flare in the region.

Addressing newsmen, the lawmaker said, “It is Israel’s crimes in Gaza that are destabilizing (the region).

“We are ready to use a weapon that we have not used so far. We have plans for all scenarios. In this regard, we will behave rationally and courageously.

“Our message is peace and at the same time preparedness.”

Amouei also said the United States, US, can stop Israel’s attack as the best form of support.

Last Saturday night, Iran had shot over 300 missiles and drones towards Israel in response to the Israeli attack on Iran’s consulate building in Syria on April 1.

Seven Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) military advisors were killed during the attack by the Israeli forces

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