Rapper Kodak Black distances self from Illuminati, homosexuality


With the recent controversies surrounding the dark sides of the music industry, American rapper Kodak Black has distanced himself from the Illuminati and homosexuality.

He said he was not interested in the entertainment industry drama, stressing that he just wants to make music.

Speaking in a video message shared via his social media page recently, Kodak Black said, “We ain’t with none of that Illuminati shit we ain’t on none of that Lil Baby Youngboy all this gay *ss shit going on we ain’t on none of that paint ya nails sh*t.”

Saga Gist reports that rapper and music executive, Diddy is currently facing multiple sexual assault charges including attempting to engage a record producer in gay sex.

Beef culture has also resurfaced in hip-hop recently, with Future and Metro Boomin’s new album, ‘We Still Don’t Trust You,’ looking like a diss project for Drake, with featured artists, Kendrick Lamar, A$AP Rocky, and The Weeknd dissing the Canadian rapper on songs from the album

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