Shop, eat Nigerian products to drop dollar below 1000 – Reno Omokri


A sociopolitical analyst, Reno Omokri on Monday highlighted 26 ways Nigerians can make the dollar drop below N1000.

Omokri said Nigerians should find a made-in-Nigeria alternative to foreign goods.

Posting on X, he charged Nigerians to buy Akamu in place of Custard, beans in place of foreign rice, Dangote spaghetti in place of Italian pasta, among others.

According to Omokri: “If you want the Dollar to fall below ₦1000 to $1, all you have to do is find a made-in-Nigeria alternative for those foreign goods and services you use regularly. Nigeria produces everything from A to Z:

“I have listed at least one product from A to Z that you can use over a foreign product. The fate of the Naira is in our hands, that is why I ask you to join me as I wear my made-in-Nigeria Agbada and cap to match.”

Akamu for breakfast instead of imported custard
Beans for lunch rather than foreign rice
Cornflakes from Nasco, not Kellogg’s
Dangote spaghetti, not Italian pasta
Eggs from Obasanjo farms not from abroad
Fan yoghurt, not imported yoghurt
Glo instead of foreign telcos
Honey from Ore, not from Shoprite
Nord, not Honda or Toyota
Juice from Chivita, not America
Kpomo in your soup, not foreign fish
Lace from Kaduba, not from Switzerland
Mango from Adamawa, over imported apples
Noodles from Dangote, not Indonesia
Oranges from Benue, rather than Israel
Purses from Kano, not France
Quail from Kebbi, not from England
Radio Nigeria, over Radio France Internationale
Shoes and slippers from Kano, not Italy and Spain
Tea from Mambilla Plateau, not China
Umbrella from Abakaliki, over those from India
Vans from PAN rather than Asia
Wine from palm wine, not from Palma, Spain
X-rays at UCH Ibadan, not in Europe
Yams from Oyo, instead of imported potatoes
Zobo over imported flavoured drinks

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