Guinness World Record: Nigerian man begins tour of 54 African countries by road, sea


Ilerioluwa Babalobi, a Nigerian traveller, has embarked on a nine-month Africa tour in a bid to set a world record.

The 31-year-old, who began his tour from the Red Cross office in Lagos, would visit all 54 African countries by road and sea using the public transportation system.

Babalobi would tour the continent spending an average of five days in each African state to raise awareness for social interventions across Africa.

The tour would make Babalobi the first African to tour the continent without using an aircraft.

In his trending statement, he explained that he would be visiting the tourist sites and interacting with the culture of each of the countries.

Babalobi is reported to have previously visited each Nigerian state and the 16 regions of Ghana and over a dozen African countries.

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