How I escaped attacks after kidnappers kill my mum, man narrates ordeals

A man, Olasunkanmi Aremu Junaid has accused his uncle, Samsondeen Olawale Kosoko of allegedly orchestrating kidnap attempts on his life following his mother's tragic death. 

Junaid lamented that his life has remained in danger since a gang of kidnappers abducted and murdered his mother identified as Adeezat Junaid.

He explained that his late mother was reportedly kidnapped at her home on February 5, 2024, but was later found dead on February 18, 2024. 

According to him, his mother, a successful businesswoman, was abducted from her home by a group of armed men, who demanded a huge ransom. But instead of releasing her after the ransom was paid, the kidnappers brutally killed her.

He, however, expressed concern that he started facing similar problems shortly after his mother was buried on February 28, 2024. 

"They came for me after my mother's funeral, but I managed to escape. I have reason to believe my uncle was behind the attack, as he had a lot to gain financially from my death," he insisted. 

Shaken and suspicious, Junaid, who escaped by a hair's breadth, said he is now living in fear for his life. 

He alleged that he suspected his uncle who had a dispute and disagreement with his late mother over inheritance. 

He accused his uncle of forceful taking over family' properties and resistance from his late mother angered him. 

He added that few weeks after the disagreement, his mother went missing and later found dead. 

Junaid argued that his position on the land disputes angered his uncle, alleging that his uncle was responsible for the two kidnap attempts on his life. 

"I had to leave my home, my work, my entire life behind, all because I am afraid that if I don't, I'll end up like my mother.

"I just want justice for my mother and to be able to live in peace. 

"It's like I'm living in a nightmare, and I can't wake up. I don't even know who to trust anymore," he added. 

He narrated that just a few weeks after his mother's funeral, he narrowly escaped a second kidnapping attempt, which he believes was also orchestrated by his uncle.

Junaid, fearing for his safety after his mother's murder, said he fled his home and went into hiding. 

After the second kidnapping attempt, he added that he had to disappear without a trace, severing all ties with his family and friends. 

He added that he now lives in constant fear, always looking over his shoulder, wondering when the next attack will come.

"My life has been turned upside down, I have never thought I'd be running from my own family, the people who should be protecting me. Now, I don't even know where to go or who to turn to," he noted.

He said he reported at Lion building police station in Lagos State where an investigation was launched into the mother's murder and the alleged kidnap plot, with the man's uncle being questioned as a potential suspect.

When contacted, the uncle vehemently denied any involvement in the crimes, calling the allegations baseless and an attempt to tarnish his reputation.

He stressed that he has hired a team of high-profile lawyers to defend him and has gone as far as to accuse the man of being mentally unstable.

"I don't have anything to say because his allegation is baseless. He just want to spoil my reputation. 

"How can I be accused of killing my own sister because of land and I also plan to kidnap him because of same land. As much it is true there is land dispute in the family, whatever allegations against me is not true. 

"I am going to fight the defamation at the court of law and ensure I clear my names," he maintained.

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