Drug abuse: Prayer, beating can’t stop mental illness – NDLEA


The Ogun State Commandant of the National Drugs Law Enforcement Agency, (NDLEA), Jane Ibiba Odili, has bemoaned the use of flogging, starvation, and prayers to solve mental illness caused by the abuse of drugs.

Odili explained that drug abuse is not a spiritual attack that could be cured through fasting and prayers rather, a chronic brain disorder that requires professional treatment.

The Commander of Narcotics, who spoke in an interview during the week, stressed that abusers suffer from the problem of addiction and dependence hence punitive measures should be avoided.

“Yes, international best practices and a body of research have shown that you don’t use punitive measures to treat somebody who abuses drugs because research has shown that drug abuse is a chronic brain disorder.

“Even if you tie the person down from today till tomorrow the body is already asking for the drugs, the body is already relying on the drugs, it is a problem of addiction and dependence, It is not flogged away, it is not starved away, if somebody has the drug abuse problem it’s better to take the person to the hospital and it is not a spiritual attack even if you fast for 10 days it will not do anything.”

Odili, however, explained that, prayers can come after professional treatment, love, support, and care have been administered.

“There is nothing wrong with praying, there is nothing wrong with sharing the words of God it’s also part of the treatment people being used, we can also use the words of God to sensitize them, to give them encouragement and support but the truth is that they must also have the professional treatment.

“It is not a moral issue, it is not something you beat out of somebody it is a disease, you provide treatment, you provide support, and you provide care,” she added

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