Falz reveals what attracts him to a lady


Famous Nigerian rapper, Falz, has revealed what attracts him most to a woman.

The singer made this known in his latest interview with Bibi Rai on the ‘Morning Rush Show’.

In the now viral video, Falz also confessed that he hasn’t been in a romantic relationship since he was 18 years old.

Speaking about his choice of women, he revealed that his Interest has now gone beyond physical appearance.

He stated, “My last relationship was when I was 18-years old, 2008 precisely. I’m not running away but it’s just been like a rollercoaster, a couple of different things for a couple of different reasons. I just haven’t felt ready.

“The aura, the energy, the swag. When I say the aura, I don’t mean that loosely; I’m coming from a realm where I thought I liked light skin or babes with big breasts, among other fickle things. I am in a realm where it is about the kind of energy you ooze.”

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