Allow citizens bear licensed arms for self-defence – Delta CDHR urges FG


The Delta State Branch of the Committee for the Defence of Human Rights, CDHR has advised the federal government to allow its citizens bear licensed arms for self-defence.

The group also warned the government to be careful in employing persons as security guards, especially those coming from the north as many of them are on an evil mission to the South.

In an interview, the Delta State CDHR Chairman, Elder A.P. Edariese said Nigeria is no longer safe as the government has abdicated its responsibilities of safeguarding the lives and properties of citizens.

“The Federal Government should allow people of responsible characters acquire guns for self-defence”.

“Any of such guns issued to somebody, the name of the person, the number of the gun and whatever round of ammunition given to the person should be recorded so that from time to time, the person can be going through check as to know what he has done with the gun that’s issued to him or the ammunition that’s given to him.

“People should be allowed to protect themselves because the surge, the onslaught is too much on Nigerian citizens. Owning a personal gun is a sine qua non.”

The CDHR scribe who lamented the insecurity in the country said, “The terrorist travelled from Katsina State to Ogun State where he secured the security guard job and travelled to Abeokuta, the Ogun State Capital to secure an apartment as a kidnapping cell for kidnapping business there, not Ondo State to be precise.”

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