EPL: You don’t know anything about Premier League – Carragher slams Chelsea owner, Boehly

Former Liverpool defender, Jamie Carragher has called Chelsea chairman, Todd Boehly “incredibly arrogant” for suggesting that the Premier League needs to learn from American sports and implement an ‘All-Star game’.

The ‘All-Star’ game is popular in the NBA and MLB and Boehly claimed it could help raise money for the English football pyramid.

Boehly also suggested that a ‘four-team tournament’ should decide relegation from the Premier League rather than the current three-down format.

The idea was discussed on CBS Sports’ Champions League coverage with Carragher, Henry and Micah Richards all on the panel.

“I’ll be honest with you, when I look at that statement I think it is incredibly arrogant to speak about a league that you don’t know,” Carragher said.

“I’m not as strong as Thierry, I don’t think we should ever discount ideas. Of course, we shouldn’t. The Premier League is an international league with owners, managers, players and that’s what makes it the best.

“I don’t particularly like those ideas but to come and speak like that when he’s not even proved that he can run a Premier League club well yet. I mean he’s sacked a manager after three games having spent £250million. Straight away you’re thinking ‘that’s not right’.”


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