Peter Obi, other LP candidates won’t win in 2023 – Fani-Kayode to Obidients


Femi Fani-Kayode (FFK) has advised Peter Obi’s supporters, better known as Obidients, to prepare for defeat in the 2023 elections.

The former Aviation Minister, in his latest essay, stressed that anger alone cannot fuel a revolution as there must be a goal.

Fani-Kayode said though he takes Obidients seriously because they are a formidable movement, “they are more like a loose cannon than a guided missile”.

The ex-presidential aide, however, expressed admiration about youths “venturing into the dark and murky waters of Nigerian politics”.

“I pray that they survive it and last, even if they don’t make an appreciable impact at the polls next year”, he noted.

FFK said Obidients seem to lack a clear purpose “which their leader, other than just wanting to be President, is incapable of providing”.

He expressed concern over their “high expectations”, adding that “mental trauma might engulf them after crushing defeat”.

Fani-Kayode ruled out Labour Party (PDP) candidates from victory in the February and March contests, citing the well grounded opponents they will face.

“I doubt that they will win one Senatorial district or one seat in the House of Representatives let alone a Governorship election or the Presidential election.

“It is at that time that we shall find out whether they are men and women or mere children venting on social media and expressing frustrations at public events.”

Fani-Kayode added that it is after Obi and LP’s followers have suffered loss that their resolve would be tested.

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