Earthquake: 10-year-old Turkish boy rescued alive after 4 days under rubble


Emergency workers in southern Turkey have rescued a 10-year-old boy from a collapsed house, four days after an earthquake caused devastation across large parts of the country’s border with Syria.

The boy had been trapped under the rubble in the town of Kahramanmaraş for more than 100 hours.

The Israel Defence Force (IDF), which has been assisting with the rescue work, tweeted on Friday.

“The rescue teams provided the boy with lifesaving medical treatment during the rescue and afterwards transferred him to a hospital for further medical treatment,’’ the IDF said.

Israel sent more than 380 aid workers to Turkey in recent days as part of a relief operation, including doctors,
nurses and paramedics.

On Friday morning, the Israeli military started operating a field hospital in Kahramanmaraş. (NAN)

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