Akinlade raises alarm as thugs attack Ogun polling units


The deputy governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Adekunle Akinlade, has raised the alarm over the invasion of polling units by armed thugs.

Akinlade spoke at his hometown in Agosasa after casting his vote.

According to him, there have been reports of shooting and ballot box snatching in some polling units in Ogun East.

Akinlade expressed displeasure that security agents who were supposed to avert the situation did nothing, giving the thugs a field day.

“It’s unfortunate, my phones have been ringing since morning. I have seen photos and videos. We were informed that members of the opposition party have become very violent. There is someone called Efele or something who has been carrying thugs all around. They went straight into polling units to attack people. They shot in the air, carted away ballot papers and other INEC materials.

“Shockingly, we were told that there are security personnel just standing and watching this happen. It’s quite sad for our democracy that this is happening in Ogun East. We thought Ogun East was supposed to be more peaceful being the home of the sitting governor. It is most embarrassing for us in Ogun State, what we are witnessing in this election,” he said.

Akinlade appealed to the electoral umpire and security agents to take note of the electoral violence and take appropriate actions thereafter.

The deputy governorship candidate said he is sure of victory in the polls.

“We have no doubt we are going to win this election. The election has been peaceful in Ogun West and Ogun Central. In Ogun East, aside from Sagamu, Odogbolu and Ijebu-Ode where they’ve been attacking people. We don’t know what they could do moving beyond that.

“Relatively, we believe we are doing well with information trickling in so far. By 4, 5 pm we will be more certain. We hope that results are transmitted from polling units as INEC has promised.

“We are confident, that is why we came all out to campaign very well. We believe people’s votes will count once results are transmitted from the polling units with the BVAS. We have no doubt that we will win this election,” he stated.

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