You insulted me 30 years ago — Yeni Kuti hits Foluke Daramola


Singer Omoyeni Kuti, popularly known as Yeni Kuti or YK, has taunted actress Foluke Daramola over her comments on the Nigerian youth.

Recall that actress Foluke had warned youths who are fond of insulting elders on social media on Tuesday, stating that the consequence of disrespecting her would be very grave.

She wrote: “I beg everybody, with everything you hold dear, don’t come to say rubbish on my page. I’m a disciplinarian, I won’t let it fly because I’m looking for a scapegoat.

“If you say anything stupid, the repercussions will be very grave. My true fans know that I stand for what’s right, I stand for value and culture.”

Responding to the actress while featuring on Your View, a programme on TVC, Yeni recalled working with Foluke 30 years ago, adding that the insult she got from Foluke was terrible.

Wondering why Foluke is demanding respect, Yeni said: “Foluke Daramola, I like her, I talk to her, but I remember when she insulted me.

“I just googled her now, she’s 45, and I am 62. We did a job I didn’t take money from; but the enmity I got from her about 30 years ago was terrible. So I’m wondering if she remembers. I remember because it was done to me. Now she is demanding respect. When you reap what you sow, karma is a leveller.”

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