He came out of nowhere – Argentina actor, Darin reveals how Lionel Messi became his driver


Argentine actor, Ricardo Darin has narrated an anecdote about the night when Lionel Messi unexpectedly became his driver.

He recounted how the Argentine superstar gave him a ride to his hotel on a cold night in Barcelona.

Darin represents Argentina internationally with his work in cinema and has been friends with Messi for the last several years.

Darin revealed that he was on his way back to his hotel after arguing with some Barcelona supporters about Messi’s performance on a radio show in Spain where he defended the player.

“I was returning after fighting with some guys on radio because they were kind of angry with Messi for his performance,” Darin said on ESPN Playroom.

“I told them ‘You are going to wash your mouths with soap this weekend when he [Lionel Messi] scores three goals’, and that weekend, he scored three goals.”

Darin said he found it difficult getting a cab to take him back to his hotel that night but Messi surprisingly turned up at the scene in his vehicle and offered them a ride.

“Out of nowhere, with my back to the boulevard, I hear ‘Ricardo!’. I turned around, and it was him, Messi, in a van,” Darin added.

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